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No compromise, Najib, Umno must reject Hudud – Gerakan

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 29: Gerakan urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Umno MPs to object PAS’ bid to table a Private Members’ Bill in Parliament to pave way for the implementation of Hudud laws in Kelantan.  

In making the call, Gerakan President Datuk Mah Siew Keong stressed that the integrity of Federal Constitution must be preserved in order to maintain status quo.

Mah warned all parties that the unconstitutionality and discriminatory nature of Hudud could spell the very end to the status quo and constitute a dreadful threat to the basic foundations of our country and a direct threat to Malaysia’s secular nature.

Mah stressed that Malaysian must oppose any attempt to pass any law that is against the Federal Constitution and the basic structure of our country.

“Malaysians must ensure that our criminal justice system remains secular as Malaysia is a multi-religious country.​

​”Let me make it very clear, Gerakan is not against any religion including Islam. Our opposition to Hudud is based on a fervent and abiding belief that our criminal laws and criminal justice must be secular.

“How can we have two sets of criminal laws, one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims when crime does not discriminate and what will happen or what system of laws will Kelantan employ, assuming they implement Hudud, if the victim is a Muslim but the assailant is a non-Muslim or vice versa especially in cases of sexual assault?” he asked.

Hence, Mah said: “Hudud law is unworkable in the Malaysian context and we cannot in good conscience support any law that will unravel our secular nature and goes again the basic structure of our Constitution.”​

​“All Barisan Nasional MPs regardless of their religion to reject Hudud because we cannot and must not change the legal system as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

“We cannot compromise on this and Gerakan will remain firm on objecting to any law that does not conform to the Constitution. He said even if Gerakan is the last party standing, it will stand stoically as the defender of the Federal Constitution.

Mah reminded​ all quarters ​that Malaysia has always been a moderate country with the underpinning rule of law that oversaw the nation’s progressive development since its independence in 1957.

However, he warned that the long period of relative peace and stability enjoyed by the nation could come to an abrupt end if PAS succeeds in overcoming legislative hurdles to implement Hudud in Kelantan.

Mah added that the juggernaut effect of Hudud would be nationwide and enduring to the point of no return in a very real sense.

“DAP and PKR as PAS’s allies in Pakatan Rakyat should be held responsible for this worrying state of affairs.

Mah criticized that DAP had previously hoodwinked non-Muslim voters to accept PAS’s Hudud agenda and questioned the self-righteous party’s plan to stop its ruthless ally PAS from tabling the unpopular Hudud bill as hoped by non-Muslim community.

Mah also noted that Gerakan Youth under the leadership of its chief Tan Keng Liang had submitted a notice of proposed legal action to PAS on last Thursday to prevent PAS from tabling the controversial Hudud bill in Parliament.

He also revealed that the party has set up a team of legal experts to study and plan for next course of action.

Mah reiterated firmly that Gerakan categorically rejects Hudud and the party’s MP, Liang Teck Meng who is also the party secretary-general will vote against the proposed Private Members’ Bill on Hudud by PAS. -TMT