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Wanita Gerakan announces six-point resolution

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita Gerakan today announced its six- point resolution during the party's 25th National Delegates' Convention at Menara PGRM here.

Its chief Tan Lian Hoe said the resolution addressed key issues with the aim of safeguarding the wellbeing and the security of the people.

“The resolutions are bold suggestions to resolve long standing issues pertaining to graft, crime, statutory rape and women's rights. They, in short, were carefully drafted for the betterment of the country,” she said.

The six points are:
* Graft: The federal government should continue its fight against corruption by taking stern action against any in dividuals who abuse their power, have disciplinary problems and are involved in corruption. This can be achieved if the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission performs its duties without fear or prejudice;

* Security: The police should be the spearheading agency in fighting crime. They should increase the number of patrols in all areas, especially in crime hot spots. More closed circuit television cameras should also be installed in areas where crimes are rampant. The Force must meanwhile contin uously work hand in hand with the Neighbourhood Watch and Rela to curb crime;

* Gender equality: All government policies should be based on meritocracy regardless of race or gender. All decisions on appointments, promotions and pay increments should be made in a fair and just manner. Open tenders should be introduced for all government projects to promote trans parency;

* Women's rights: To address the challenges faced by the women in the country, the government, along with the Attorney-General's Chambers, should re-evaluate all statu tory rape cases to protect female rights. Women nationwide should also reject hudud law which will have negative implications for the gender group;

* Education: The government should review annual fi nancial assistance allocations and disburse them fairly to national schools, vernacular schools and religious schools. The Education Ministry should also monitor and restrict the number of foreign student passes to help reduce inter national crime syndicates operating in the country; and,

* Commerce: The government should draft policies to ensure that developers and all related parties cooperate with each other to build affordable homes for all Malaysians without incurring extra costs that would burden developers. The Government should also draft a policy to keep rent rates for business premises in check to avoid price hikes.