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“Be Reminded of the Hardships Endured, Be Vigilant, Vow to Strive and Work Hard to serve the people together” Press Statement by Gerakan President Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon

In conjuction with Gerakan's 43rd Anniversary, Gerakan President Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon reminded all party comrades of four Chinese proverbs translated to English means “Be Reminded of the Hardships Endured, Be Vigilant, Vow to Strive and Work Hard to serve the people together” to further encourage all Gerakanists to strive harder and worker with greater vigour to realise the vision, hope and aspirations of the party. He also said that the four Chinese proverbs will motivate the members to keep on improving themselves, to recommit to the party's struggle of achieving a just, fair and egalitarian Malaysia and staunchly oppose all forms racism. Gerakan at 43 must continue on the path of non-racialism.

He reminded party members and Malaysians of the words of French poet Victor Hugo who said "you can repel the thread of mighty armies but you cannot defeat an idea whose time has come." 1Malaysia is that idea with its exhortation to all Malaysians to see themselves as Malaysians First and accept and celebrate our diversity. It is a cogent antidote to the excessive racialism and politicking afflicting our society.

Dr Koh added that Gerakan was founded on 24 March. On the same day in 1968, a solemn declaration on the formation of Gerakan was made. The party’s manifesto was formulated by the founders of the party from various races, they were professionals, elites and workers from different strata of the society and from different industries.  The founders include Professor Syed Hussain Alatas, Dr Lim Chong Eu, Dr David Tan Chee Khoon, Dr J.B.A Peter, Professor Wang Gungwu and Mr V. Veerapan, a lawyer by profession and many others. At that point of time, all these founders uphold the ideal of a multi racial society in order to group all races together to serve the nation.

Dr Koh said, over the past 43 years, Gerakan which started off as an opposition party until 1969 when Gerakan triumphed in Penang after the General Election. After which in 1974, Gerakan merged with a few other political party to form Barisan Nasional. Gerakan later became one of the ruling parties after joining the Federal government and has been serving the people relentlessly and tirelessly for the past 43 years.

He said, with a vision to strive for a fair and just society, the path that we had walked through were full of obstacles, especially in the General Election on 8 March, 2008 when we humbled yet we stood up where we fell and will never abdicate from our struggle. We are still contributing and fulfilling our responsibilities despite being insulted and uncouthly criticised by our detractors. Needless to say, we have faced and will likely continue facing a lot of challenges and tests. Despite being greeted with scornful gestures and unfriendly treatment at times but all these would not stop us or slow us down. In fact it will spur us to continue serving the people and entrench our determination to realise our party's aims and objectives.

Dr Koh also urged all the members of the party to remain steadfast, to keep on fighting for the party’s political objective and move forward.  He added: "Fellow comrades of the party should be inspired by the Chinese proverb story that reminds us of the hardship endured and strive to work harder. By doing so, we will be able to show some positive results and restore our political fortunes."