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Dr Cheah: Boastful Pakatan Rakyat contradicting themselves Press statement by Dr Cheah Soon Hai, Kedah Gerakan Chairman and Derga State Assemblyman

Kedah Gerakan Chairman and Derga State Assemblyman, Dr Cheah Soon Hai today slams Pakatan Rakyat especially DAP Lim Kit Siang for its boastful statement that it will take over 11 states in the next general election while asking the public to support BERSIH 2.0.  

Dr Cheah Soon Hai said, “One hand they asking the people to support BERSIH, on the other hand they said they can win 11 states in the 13th General Election, so what are they trying to say?  Are they implying that the Election Commission is clean or not clean?” 

Dr Cheah Soon Hai said that Gerakan’s stand is always against demonstration on street and stress that the best way to resolve problem is still dialogue or roundtable meeting between the two parties.  He also said, if the Election Commission is really that unclean, how did Pakatan Rakyat win 5 states and over 1/3 of Parliament during the previous election in 2008?