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Legal recourse not the answer to Perak Situation Press statement by Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow

Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow urged the Barisan Nasional leadership to explore and seek political solutions to the Perak situation, rather than persuing only legal recourse.

Political options to be considered may include allowing the minority (28-seats) Pakatan Rakyat government to continue functioning and going for the next legislative assembly seating, or even concurring with the proposal to dissolve the Perak Assembly and let the electorates decide on the government of their choice.

Under the legal process, BN no doubt has the right to appeal to another higher court for a review of the decision of the Kuala Lumpur High Court on the legitimacy of the Menteri Besar of Perak. However, Barisan Nasional leadership should consider the possible subsequent impasse and political impact on the entire nation, he said.

“While the Barisan Nasional leadership maintains that our focus now is on the economy, how can we do so effectively if the Perak situation keeps on worsening and generating negative perception and reaction from the people?” Teng asked.

He draw attention to what the Prime Minister recently wrote in his blog about the values of acceptance and integrity in his 8 values toward achieving 1Malaysia. “Therefore, for1Malaysia to be achieved, the values of acceptance and integrity must be found in the State Government of Perak, either it is governed by Barisan Nasional or otherwise.”