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Gerakan urge that meritocracy should be expended to other areas

Gerakan Vice President and Head of Central Economic Bureau Dato Mah Siew Keong welcomed the Government’s recent announcement of the creation of a special bureau to look into the merit-based category of PSD scholarships next year. This move showed that the Prime Minister is serious in listening to the people’s voice by initiating various reforms. It is hence important for governmental departments to also be benchmarked according to its Key Performance Index (KPI).

In his statement, Dato Mah pointed out that the government should consider applications according to merit and one’s needs. This will be in line with the effort in creating a more competitive human resources and human capital to serve the demands of a globalised world.

“ Granting merit-based scholarships will not only put our students on an equal playing field to compete, it is also a way to encourage our students. However, the needs and necessity issue must be looked at, by way of considering the family and financial background of the applicant. Such education related reform put forth by the Prime Minister will help develop a more competitive human capital for the country.” 

Dato Mah applaud the setting up of the special bureau for the merit-based PSD scholarship fund. He also stressed that the same policy should be implemented in other areas such as entrance to the local universities, HR policy and its rewarding system for the civil service, so as to ensure that our human capital remains competitive in the global market.

“We hope that following this educational reform, there will be more reforms that will benefit all Malaysians, such as the earlier call to liberalise the financial sector, and several economic related reform.”