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It’s time to review our national education system, Gerakan Press statement by Lau Chin Hoon, Chairman of the Gerakan Education and Knowledge Society Bureau

Gerakan has called for a comprehensive review of the national education system to prepare the younger generation on a firm footing to compete with the outside world.

Chairman of the Gerakan Education & Knowledge Society Bureau, Lau Chin Hoon, said as Malaysia moved towards a developed nation status by year 2020, our education quality should be on par with world standards. 
“Although the people have accepted the national education policy, we think it is a good time to have a review of the system in line with the aspirations of the people to have a better quality of life and education,” said Lau in a statement.

Lau said some aspects of the national education policy could be obsolete and no more suitable, and they should be changed to suit present times.

“It is important for us to do this as knowledge and education is something that is constantly being reconstructed and refined. We have to keep up with the intense developments of keys aspects of education that is happening at the international level. Most important of all we need to have an education policy that is not obsessed with mere scoring excellence but inculcates ethical and humanitarian values in a person.”

Lau, who is also Pemanis Assemblyman, said since Deputy Prime Minister and Education MinistryTan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wanted a review of the implementation process of the national education system, “it would be better for the government to move one more step ahead.”

“We should not just tackle any weaknesses in a policy or system on an ad hoc basis, just like giving a painkiller to relieve a headache or leg pain,” said Lau. 

On Tuesday, Muhyiddin said Malaysia and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) would jointly review the national education system in line with global changes.

He said the move would provide a more balanced assessment of the country’s education system.