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Gerakan Youth calls for moratorium on all high risk areas projects Andy Yong: Flood caused by overdevelopment should be addressed immediately

Press statement by

Gerakan Youth Deputy Chief

Andy Yong Kim Seng

November 7, 2017

Gerakan Youth Deputy Chief, Andy Yong Kim Seng said that the recent mass floods in Penang proves that the state is facing a very serious problem in terms of environment preservation and sustainability. He said that based on his recent visit to the northern state that the severity and destruction of the flood is unprecedented.

“Such frequent floods where the waters are brown in areas like Tanjung Bungah proved that hillslope erosion is becoming more aggravating. Recent floods and landslide in the last few months have served as a warning, the Penang state government must take serious action and attention immediately. I hope that Institute of Engineers or geologist will conduct a review and provide a comprehensive report on the projects in high risk areas to prevent the real threat of more landslides in the future. ”

Andy Yong opined that over-development in recent years could be the chief reason of constant flash floods in recent years. He added that in many areas once pristine and serene, is now turned into massive construction projects without taking the impact on the locals and environment into consideration. Far-fetched justification after the tragedy is pointless as Penangnites need preventative measures and assurance now.

“By allowing projects on hillslopes to proceed especially those identified as high-risk, we can see that greed and short-sightedness has prevail over sustainability which could have prevented these unnecessary and avoidable man-made disasters. A moratorium on all projects especially those in high-risk areas should be imposed immediately until a further review.

“At the same time, relevant state authorities such as the State Flood Mitigation Committee and Drainage and Irrigation Department has to ensure that our flood mitigation system and drainage is equipped to handle the latest influx of water and other waste.”