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Ong Siang Liang: Annuar Musa suspended as MARA Chairman

Press statement by
Gerakan FT Youth Chief cum 
Gerakan Parliament Kepong Coordinator
Ong Siang Liang
 February 3, 2017
With reference to Tan Sri Annuar Musa case that now is under Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commissioner (MACC) probe and all his posts in MARA is suspended due to the sponsorship to The Red Warriors.
I personally welcome the MACC prompt actions and move.
I hope the MACC will take the same action to all suspected matters
With this I urge the MACC, all investigation must come up with a fast result as innocent person's name and an image are at stake.
I further urge the MACC must also monitor the private sector which has equally issue or problem
With that, I hope to restore MACC's  dignity and image for the country sake.
I further urge all politician do not politicise the MACC investigation so that the MACC can carry out their duty & responsibility without fear and favour.