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Vote for candidate, not party; Gerakan is confidence in winning more votes

Oriental Daily News, October 6, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 5 – Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong pointed out that a new wave of political awakening has gradually emerged among the people.

He anticipated that in the coming general election, the electorates would vote for the candidate and not for the party as they had begun to question and repudiate all political parties, he believed that the new wave would bring more votes for Gerakan.

According to him, the political environment has gradually changed; he could obviously feel that a new movement of political awakening has been gradually emerging especially among the Chinese community, people began to realize that they have to query and repudiate each and every political party and candidate.

“After the 2008 political tsunami, it is the first time I noticed that the Chinese have begun to criticize the oppositions, normally the people particularly Chinese only criticized Barisan Nasional (BN), but now they began to observe the performance of all political parties and their representatives.

“This is another wave of political tsunami, and is also a good phenomenon. In the 2008 general election, the voters had voted for the party and not candidate, but now it is just the opposite, people are voting for the candidate and not party, this is why I am confident that Chinese votes will return to BN,” he added.

He said it is the people who would determine the end result in the general election, that’s why Gerakan had opted to be transparent; it has from the very beginning decided on the list of candidates enabling the candidates to serve the people so that the people can evaluate their performance.

“Actions speak louder than words, the service of the candidates explains everything, that is the reason why Gerakan has requested its candidates to walk into the crowd so that people can judge by themselves and make observation, this should be the correct way in the whole political system,” he said.

On question that whether the political awakening movement will result in the returning of votes to Gerakan, he said confidently that he believed the party could garner more votes, especially to let the Chinese understand the political idea of Gerakan, that is to bring all the people together in bringing about the real doctrine of moderation and 1Malaysia concept.

Predicts general election to be held within nine months

Earlier, after the redelineation exercise some people felt that the increase of Chinese voters is to the disadvantage of Gerakan, but he is willing to accept the challenge.

“I accept the challenge, the increase of Chinese electorates is not a problem, Gerakan will make clear its stand to inform the people what we can do, they need to have a political party that is far sighted and multi-faceted,” he said.

He also predicted that the 14th general election would be held within the next nine months, and believed that PAS would cooperate with DAP once again to secure more votes.

He pointed out that if there are multi-cornered tussles in the next general election, BN is likely to win more than two-third of the seats, but if it is one-to-one contest, BN would only win on simple majority.

“Hence, I feel that DAP and PAS will cooperate again to win more votes, but will split after the election,” he added.

He said presently there are more than 70% constituencies where Malay voters are majority, and 22 constituencies are Chinese majority, while 29 are mixed constituency.