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Gerakan supports new set of ad guidelines to protect consumer rights Cheah Soon Hai hopes more actions will be taken against misleading ad

Press statement by
Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman
Dr. Cheah Soon Hai

Gerakan Central Bureau on Environment, Safety and Quality of Life Chairman, Dr.  Cheah Soon Hai supports the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry action to unveil a new set of guidelines soon which covered all forms of advertisement in order to protect consumer rights against misleading advertisements.

“I think that the government has taken a right step in terms of protecting consumer rights as there were previously plenty cases where customers were cheated by dishonest traders through advertisement.”

Cheah commented that education regarding consumer rights should be taught to school students in order to cultivate their awareness while their still young.

“There are many advertisements where the seller exaggerated the benefits and strong points of their products or services to the point that it is almost perfect without flaws. Therefore the target group which are most vulnerable to these publicities are the young which lack the experience to make judgement.”

Cheah, also Kedah Derga state assemblyman said that advertisers, be it online or mainstream media should conduct stringent check on their clients in order to prevent unwanted incidents from happening.

“I suggest the ministry launch a website akin to where it will list as many local or international products together with detail feedbacks from customers for internet users’ reference as well as comments.”

Finally, Dr. Cheah urged sellers not to exaggerate their products but give an honest description to consumers.