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Launching of Party Slogan and Logo in conjuction with Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia 40th Anniversary 2008

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  • Tue, 22 Apr 2008
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Auditorium Universiti, Tower 2, Menara PGRM, K.L. (View Larger)

    1 Vision: To be the party of choice for all Malaysians.

    1 Mission: To build a united, democratic, just, egalitarian, liberal and progressive nation for all Malaysians, transcending the barriers of race and religion.

    3 Thrusts: 
    a) To voice Gerakan(:-)s ideology, policy position and advocate a Malaysian
    solution for various major issues.
    b) To rebuild, rebrand and re-empower the party at all levels to effectively
    serve and represent all Malaysians.
    c) To win the people(:-)s hearts and minds, and to regain the people(:-)s mandate.

    8 Main Strategies:
    To formulate and voice principled policy positions and solutions for major national issues.
    To be constructive opposition in PR-led states and to reform BN.
    To effectively rebuild and revitalize the party.
    To forge smart partnerships with society and non-governmental organizations.
    To embark on membership expansion and consolidation.
    To train more leaders and boost their commitment.
    To re-energize and revamp the party at all levels.
    To further improve communication and public relations strategies.

    8 Major Area of Concern:
    Safeguarding human rights & equality.
    Promoting religious freedom and inter-religious harmony.
    Inculcating common values and appreciation of multi-cultural diversity.
    Advocating good governance & integrity.
    Generating robust and sustainable economic growth.
    Sustaining ecological balance, quality of life, safety and security.
    Achieving a caring and healthy society.
    Enhancing education and human resource development.




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