Sdr Tan Sri Dato' Chang Ko Youn (Acting President 2013)

Tan Sri Dato’ Chang Ko Youn was born on 31st August 1957. He received his degree in Bachelor’s of Laws (Hons) from the University of Hull, England in 1981 and was called to the English Bar at the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.


Upon returning to Malaysia, he started practice in Ipoh, Perak in 1983. He joined Gerakan and steadily moved up the ranks. In 1996, he was elected as a Chairman of Gerakan Youth and he held that position till 1999. Subsequently,Tan Sri  Dato’ Chang was elected Vice-President and in 2008, he was elected as Deputy President. Tan Sri Dato’ Chang also held the Chairmanship of a few central bureaus including the Law and Human Rights Bureau. After the resignation of former party President, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, on 16th May 2013, Dato’ Chang became the Acting President of Gerakan.


As Acting President, Tan Sri Dato’ Chang shepherded the party through trying times especially after Gerakan’s second consecutive electoral drubbing in the 13th General Election. Tan Sri Dato’ Chang also instituted a number of internal party reforms to restore the party’s fortunes.


Tan Sri Dato’ Chang did not seek in the Presidency of Gerakan in the 2013 Party Elections and was appointed as the National Advisor on 23rd November 2013 by the Central Committee.


Tan Sri Dato’ Chang also served as a Perak Exco member for 13 years from 1995 to 2008. Upon Barisan Nasional’s return to power in the state in 2009, he was appointed as an advisor to the Perak Chief Minister on Chinese affairs in the state.


Tan Sri Dato’ Chang also remained an active member of society and did not neglect his duties to civil society. He remains an Honorary Legal Advisor to 50 Associations and actively engages in various community services and charitable events.




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