BN as a viable and trusted political choice validated by Oxford Economics’ prediction of a comfortable win in GE14

Kohilan: BN’s election pledges extends its good track record

Press statement by
Gerakan Vice President
Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay

April 13, 2018

1.    Regarding a prediction by Oxford Economics saying that Barisan Nasional (BN) will win comfortably in the upcoming general election, it testifies that BN is a viable and trusted political choice by the majority of Malaysians.

2.    BN has always been a party which keeps its promises of ensuring the livelihood of Malaysian is being attended.

3.    BN election promises announced by Prime Minister who is also the BN chairman Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak have received a strong validation from Oxford Economics in its prediction of a comfortable BN win in GE14.

4.    It further convinces the public that BN’s election promises, as well as its governing initiatives, are relevant and impactful, people’s concerns and aspirations are aptly addressed in our manifesto.

5.    Oxford Economics predicts that a comfortable win for BN on GE14 will strengthen PM Najib’s position as leader of the BN coalition, I cannot agree more as we have overcome difficult times and many challenges as a nation under PM Najib’s strong and resourceful leadership over the last few years. 

6.    I am confident that we will foresee further initiatives to boost our economy by the next BN government as well as more anticipated steps to continue improving the livelihoods of the people.

7.    Good governance has always been manifested aptly by BN government, this has been proven time and time again by renowned international agencies like the IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc that our prudent management of the country’s economy has managed to reduce the national deficit and debt since PM Najib took over in 2009.

8.    At the same time, various measures have been introduced to alleviate the burden of the cost of living such as the introduction of BR1M, BB1M among others to ensure these targeted subsidies reached out to its intended recipients. 

9.    The minimum wage and employment insurance scheme was also introduced in spite of many objections serving as a social safety net for workers especially from the B40 who will be the most affected by a layoff. 

10.    These measures have once again gained international appraisal and unlike the Opposition’s manifesto who promises to give everything for free without naming a viable plan how to pay for all these goodies, BN has shown the way by cutting blanket subsidies on petrol, the introduction of GST in place of the SST with the revenue generated being used to fund all these social programmes. 

11.    I am sure many can recall a few years back it was the GST’s RM 40 billion revenue which prevented the country’s economy from spiralling into a recession due to the low oil prices. 

12.    Opposition leaders and figures have also benefitted from the government’s sound policy in order to make a comfortable living hence they should cease their baseless attack for the sake of personal interest. 

13.    I have no qualms that BN will receive a stronger mandate in GE14 and continue its governing agenda for the nation, BN government has its credentials praised and acknowledged by many independent and international entities over the years and this time again by Oxford Economics.

14.    BN is a viable and trusted political choice supported by a majority of Malaysians, I concur with Oxford Economics’ prediction, it foretells an impressive electoral victory for BN in GE14 with stronger support for PM Najib.



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