Azmin Ali should use state government power to push for policies that benefit the people instead of politicizing issues

Press statement by

Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chairman

Chai Ko Thing

October 3, 2017

Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chairman Chai Ko Thing today rebuked Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali who blamed the rising cost of living on inflation and GST. He urged Azmin Ali not to politicize issues. In fact, other than criticizing Federal Government, he has not been putting the power and capability of the state government into good use by levitating the burden of living of the people.

Chai suggested that Selangor dubbed as a state that prioritizes public interest, it should not attack the GST that helps in increasing national revenue.

"If Selangor state government wants to help the people to reduce the burden of living, they should act on the huge increases in business license, property tax, retailer rent that happened after the Opposition taken over the state."

"Please do not forget that these are well within the jurisdiction of the local council, and the local council is under the jurisdiction of the state government, did Azmin make any attempt to introduce policies that benefit the people and lift their burden of living?"

"These are well within the power and capability of the state government, why the lack of action from Azmin? He must deliver what he had promised and not simply make empty promises and continue ignoring the people."

Chai who is also Gerakan's coordinator for Bukit Gasing state seat ridiculed that Pakatan Harapan had touted that it will abolish GST within 100 days after taken over Putrajaya, but PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah stressed that PH will not abolish GST but to reduce it to zero-rated.

"It proves that PKR acknowledges GST is one of the sources that improves and strengthens the country's economy, which is why it changed its stance not to abolish it."

"What say Azmin? I challenge Azmin to crosscheck with the state's Economy and Finance Department, whether inflation rate and the total collection of GST are correlated or not."

"Pakatan Harapan other than raking up cheap publicity, making unscrupulous attempts, misleading voters and not practicing what they perched, each party and leader holds different opinion, where is the credibility and accountability in such a coalition?"



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