Gerakan Youth criticizes PAS’s objection to Octoberfest Chai Ko Thing: PAS has no reason to protest against Octoberfest

Press statement by


Chairman, Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau cum


Gerakan Bukit Gasing state seat coordinator


Chai Ko Thing


September 12, 2017



Gerakan legal team member cum Gerakan Youth Legal Bureau Chairman Chai Ko Thing said PAS incites the Muslim community to protest against the upcoming beer festival in Kuala Lumpur next month in conjunction of Octoberfest, it debunks PAS’ lie which claims Hudud will not affect non-Muslims.


Chai said is it not the first time that Octoberfest is held in Kuala Lumpur, but PAS raises this issue again is simply because the general election is approaching, they just want to win votes by exploiting this issue.


“PAS had repeatedly claimed that Hudud will not affect non-Muslims, DAP in the last general election cosmeticized PAS, a DAP leader even sensationally claimed that one does not need to be afraid of Hudud if one does not steal or rob, what we are having now is just a Octoberfest, no stealing or robbing is involved, why PAS leaders are protesting against it,” said Chai in a press statement today.


Chai also pointed out that PAS leaders blame the rise in crimes on alcohol consumption; it was a simplistic thinking and not supported by statistics, it was untenable.


Chai also reminded PAS that Malaysia is a multiracial and multi-religious country, the targeted crowd of the Octoberfest is non-Muslims, and there is no reason for the party to call for it to be prohibited.


He also asserted that the Octoberfest aims to attract tourists instead of promoting alcohol consumption. Moreover, the venue is not set at a Muslim concentrated area. The right and interest of non-Muslims cannot be compromised under the premise of Muslims prohibited from alcohol consumption.



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