Gerakan criticises P. Ramasamy for propagandising PM’s initiatives for Indian community Kohilan: Stop the feckless whimpering, Prof Rama!

Press statement by


Gerakan vice-president cum


Chairman, Special Indian Task Force


Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay


July 16, 2017


This is a reply to Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Professor Ramasamy’s article titled, “Najib needs Indians more than they need him’ published in Malaysiakini on July 13. For the past couple of months, Ramasamy has been a hive of activity who propagandising each and every initiative carried out by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak for the betterment of the Indian community. Gerakan vice-president cum chairman of Special Indian Task Force, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay criticised that Ramasamy’s extraordinary pattern of seeding misconceptions defines him as an aspiring election candidate trying to cement his position by periodically peeping out from the shadows, just so that voters don’t forget him. It is crunch time and here comes the hypocrite’s masquerade of virtue.


Kohilan questioned, who caused the systematic neglect, displacement and marginalisation of the Indian community? In fact, it was Ramasamy himself who sternly voiced his displeasure in an article on Free Malaysia Today, Aug 10, 2016. In fact, it could be said that Mahathir’s era was the worst time for Indians in the country. He reminded that it was during this period that Indians lost out to other communities. Mahathir, driven by a pathological desire to deny his Indian ancestry, ensured that the problems faced by the Indian community were not given any importance. So while just over a year ago you admonished Tun Dr Mahathir, today you choose to cheerlead with him. Why?


“In a desperate attempt to overthrow Najib, Pakatan Chairman Tun Mahathir announced the Pakatan line-up and to the least of our surprise, Indians were given a token of responsibility of being the treasurer. Hard truth is, behind the façade of every Pakatan leader, lays the desperation for political expediency, discounting any level of good over personal interests,” said Kohilan.


Ramasamy states that Najib’s allocation of RM900million might be a "drop in the ocean" to take it out of the vicious circle of poverty underdevelopment. Kohilan rebutted by enlightening that the RM900 million was solely for the development of Tamil schools in the country. While in the name of industrialisation, he also reminded that Ramasamy’s current de-facto leader cum Chairman of Pakatan, once went about displacing Indians from their plantations, being oblivious to their resettlement needs. Here is Najib doing the right opposite making amends to the damages done by his predecessor.


Kohilan criticised that Ramasamy has developed a profound expertise in misleading the public by disregarding the roles of SITF, SEDIC and SEED. To date, SEED has assisted 29,115 Indian entrepreneurs in securing loans amounting to RM1.2 billion. Unit for Socio-Economic Development of the Indian Community (SEDIC) has provided RM160 million to almost 400 non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) and private skills training institutes to assist 300,000 over Malaysian Indians, comprising single mothers, drop-outs, unemployed youths and groups with no access to market over the past 2 years.


“If it was not for Najib, would SEED, SITF, SEDIC be in existence? Well, we Indians don’t need love, what we need is professionalism in providing for the needy. Najib is regarded and perhaps even hailed for coming forward and bolstering all resources to improve the Indian community unlike Tun Mahathir and his Pakatan mashup,” said Kohilan.


“For someone who failed miserably in saving the Kg Buah Pala century old Indian settlement in Penang in his first test as Deputy Chief Minister, there is no use in you pointing fingers. What more, these Pakatan leaders only seem to emerge every time Najib whips into action, proving them to be in utter denial,” chided Kohilan.


Kohilan said it must be a challenge but Pakatan Indian leaders ought to be a little more prudent in forming opinions. Stop whimpering, and for once highlight your actions and the governance of your state with regards to the Indian community.



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