Secretary General Speaks

Welcome to the new Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia website,


This website will be the first step of a new face of the party as it faces a more challenging future and a more demanding electorate. We will use the website as an interactive platform to share information only our struggle, aims and objects, and also our activities, programmes and initiatives.


A lamentable fact remains that despite a lot of work done in the past four years, especially championing issues of concern and activities for the benefit of the rakyat, Gerakan has been perceived as being indolent. I believe this website will correct that perception and allow members and non-members alike to appreciate the work we have done towards ensuring a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.


I strongly feel that it is important to share our efforts that include actively championing various important issues ranging from human rights, law reform, education, economic policy, cost of living and environment. In this sense, the re-launching of the new Gerakan website is vital in ensuring that the public are informed of the party’s constant struggles, news and trends as well as to encourage them to be part of the party’s struggle.


Gerakan is a multiracial party with an unflinching commitment to our diverse way of life and our democratic traditions and values. I believe our aims and objectives are relevant to most Malaysians as we indefatigably advocate moderation, inclusiveness and good governance that resonate with most Malaysians.


I hope you take the time to get to know us better and eventually be part of our struggle for a better Malaysia.


A New Way, A New Hope, A New Gerakan.


Satu Hati!

Y.B. Datuk Liang Teck Meng



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