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As President of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, I would like to welcome you to our new website. Throughout the years, Gerakan has been a consistent defender of the values of justice, fairness and moderation. Gerakan started as a movement that has been described as ahead of its time because we believed that we are stronger when we are united and the only way towards a united Malaysia was for us to be more Malaysian in our thoughts and actions.


We, at Gerakan realise that to build a nation with such diversity is no easy feat. We have been consistent in our ideological approach and our struggle continues despite our electoral setbacks. I invite you to peruse Gerakan’s constitution where the aims and objects are clear and incontrovertible in its commitment to a Malaysian nation that is fair, just and equitable with moderation and concord as the way forward.


We value democracy and its ideals. We can agree to disagree but Gerakanists like me will never tire from preaching what we believe in because it is the right recipe for Malaysia. Obviously, the challenges presented by the rise in racial and religious extremism is troubling and again I reiterate that the answer to counter this phenomenon is for us to be more Malaysian. Our identities can complement one another be it ethnic, religious or linguistic but in the end of the day we must accept that we are Malaysians before anything else.


By re-launching Gerakan’s website, I hope that this portal will serve as a facilitator for enriching political discourse and at the same time assist Malaysian in getting to know Gerakan better. I believe what we have done in the past, especially in Penang, should always serve as a source of achievement but we must accept that times have changed and the party can only remain relevant to Malaysians is we be part of the change for a fairer and just Malaysia.


The party with its strong and aspiring leadership supported by a group of professional and dedicated administrators is committed to ensure Gerakan remains at the forefront of Malaysian politics. Together we can make great things happen!


A New Way, A New Hope, A New Gerakan.

Satu Hati!

National President
Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong



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